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Billing software that works from the cloud

Billing software could work both from the desktop as well as from the cloud-based platforms. Regardless of the net connectivity, desktop apps will work whereas for the cloud-based software to work there is an inherent need for network connectivity.

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Have you created a Will for your property?

Who creates a Will? Everyone thinks Will writing is a difficult and tedious process done only by profoundly serious-looking legal professionals in black coats!  Not really!  In addition, it is quite possible that people may believe that one needs to be extraordinarily rich with millions in cash, property, estates, and what have you, to be eligible to write a Will!  As for me, ​​I used to think that Will is something only seen in movies or read in books! Not anymore! ​​ Remember, ​in good old movies, the old man will be on his deathbed surrounded by near and dear. Furthermore, the arrival of...

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