Annual Site Maintenance

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Annual Site Maintenance (ASM)

Avail a discount of 15% on ASM by opting for 2 year mode which works out to just ₹1275 per month!


Annual Site Maintenance (ASM)

After the completion of the website project, the customer takes charge of the site using the user ID and password. Since managing the site requires lots of skill sets that every customer may or may not possess, we offer a package that maintains the site systematically. Once the site is ready, the actual work begins. Only by maintaining the site well, the next step is possible!  Therefore, to make use of the full suite of Digital Marketing, SEO, CPC and other Google Analytics, go for the first step!

Updates and Backups

Every site needs monitoring of its smooth functioning, Since it represents your business and image, it follows, you need to pay utmost importance to its functioning. Furthermore, periodic maintenance includes but is not limited to spam protection, malware, and virus attacks. Besides, updating the version and Plugins as and when new versions introduced by the third-party providers.

Regular Maintenance

Only when ASM  opted and paid for, we can tune up and keep the site running well without any break or downtime of the site. Therefore, opting for ASM is the best way to achieve it. Go for this package that would take care of these aspects after the completion of the site.

Annual Package

ASM is payable upfront, and we do not have monthly options. However, we can give you a substantial discount if opted for 2 years. Opting for a 2- year mode, entitles you for a discount of 15% on ASM! That works out to just ₹1275 per!  Go for this package and ensure peace of mind for your business.


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