Blogging 101


1 blog per week will be created for 3 months. A total of 12 blogs 4 per month.

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Blogging 101

What is blogging? Why I need it? Does anybody read blogs these days? These are the fundamental questions you need to answer before embarking on this journey of blogging.  Basically, blogging refers to writing diary style entries of just about anything under the sun. Such as anecdotes, humor, wit, political and literary reviews, product reviews and so on.

The salient features of blogging is informal language and interactions for readers to engage to clarify, review and just converse about opinions. Further, it gets updates periodically so that there is always new content available in the website.

The impact of Social Media on blogging

After the popularity of social media posts, everybody engages in social media and may not opt to read a blog from your site. Not especially, when your site has negligible visitors. Even if there are visitors in your site, your blogs must be interesting enough for them to read it and stay riveted in your blog page.

Search Engines

Blogging brings about dynamic content to your otherwise static website. Even if you build your site using a CMS- Content Management System, it will remain more or less static if you do not regularly publish any blogs in your site.  Naturally, Search Engines would rate your site into a lower ranking as there will be no new content in your site.

Blogging is fun

We will develop your Blogs and write content that informs and empowers your readers, prospects and customers. Since, our blogs would promote readers to comment, there would be in place a dynamic equilibrium of new content that will not only attract search engines but would also spread information and insights into marketing.

Go for blogging!

We offer a package of 12 blogs for 3 months.  We ensure a high quality content of 1 blog per week for 3 months. A total of 12 blogs,  4 per month. This is the beginning of your foray into online marketing. Quality blogs at affordable prices. Basic blogs for your website with a view to generating better marketing insights and viewership.


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