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Original price was: ₹40,000.00.Current price is: ₹36,000.00.

Converting static HTML sites as well sites with obsolete themes to the latest version of WordPress sites by redesigning the site to generate revenue for the business.

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Why Redesign?

If you created a site just to be present in the cyberspace, chances are, it has become obsolete. Moreover, such sites do not offer any advantage to your business or for its growth. There are sites that are static, full of information, but there maybe no visitors to see it. Redesigning, therefore, is a strategic initiative that would propel your business to new heights, hitherto not reached. Scale it up and reap the benefits!

Redesigning is Redefining

Businesses evolve by updating themselves continuously. If this constant vigil is missing, it is quite possible that your goals and the site that helps in reaching out to could be missing. Therefore, to generate more leads and visitors, increase the site traffic and rebrand your offerings by incorporating more functionalities in the site is certainly the need of the hour.

Redesigning for Refinement

We will study your site, preserve good content, discard unwanted content. Also, we would suggest ways to display the content to attract the target audience. Since it is a major initiative, we will plan and execute the project to your utmost satisfaction.

Update and Upsell

Get your project going fast and without further ado, strike when the iron is hot. Remember, it makes a big difference in your business arena. In addition, you could transition from the redesigning package to an Annual Maintenance Contract! Reach out to enlist our support as an ongoing project on Digital Marketing.


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