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Pandesigning’s Packages & Services

Website Design

Web Design & Development based on your requirements. Different approaches for different goals. E-commerce features or services, our designing, will strengthen your business. Showcasing your products to different target audiences is an art in which we are proficient. Define your goals with our team, and you are sure to acquire the site of your dreams!

Annual Site Maintenance

Annual Site Maintenance (ASM) costs just, ₹12000.  Avail of a discount of 15% (₹1800) on ASM by opting to pay the entire amount upfront for the year. If monthly mode is opted for, it is ₹1000 pm.

Get a quote» Starts from, ₹12000

Blogging Premium

Blogging is the key to making an impact in the circle you are operating in. By having interactions and comments in your blogs, you will start getting noticed. A must for serious online marketing. Starts from ₹10000. Weekly 1 blog for 3 months equaling 12 blogs. 

Get a quote» Starts from ₹10000

Website Redesign

A website that none knows is like a voice in the wilderness! There is no one to hear it… Therefore, you need to get the website redesigned. We will ensure that your site generates interest, resulting in productive call-to-action for more sales or inquiries.  The art of marketing has evolved from products to customer-centricity, where the onus rests with them!

SEO Support

Search engine optimization- SEO Support is done for your sites by making subtle changes in your website. This is minute work is primarily for improving your site’s ranking in organic search results.

Get a quote» Starts from ₹6000

Blogging 101

For, ₹5000 for 3 months,1 blog per week will be created for 3 months. A total of 12 blogs,  4 per month. This is the beginning of your foray into online marketing. Quality blogs at affordable prices. Basic blogs for your website with a view to generating better marketing insights and viewership.

Get a quote» Starts from, ₹5000

COmplete Website Packages


Once basic ideas of the business is defined, it is easy to build the edifice on top, just as planning the tables and databases forms the foundation of the project.


The moment fundamental idea is established, it becomes simple to plan the design of the website. The embryo is the key to the structure that grows out of it.


There are different reasons for building a website and ensuring a clear revenue stream from the site can not be left out of the other lofty goals.


The difference between theory and practice is emphasized here because the very reason for the website’s creation is its revenue earning potential.

Website Redesigning

Sites speak for itself!

Content plays vital role today more than anything else. The millenials look elsewhere when they get bored. And they get bored quick, real quick!

Especially if your site does not spell out what they are looking for quickly. Pandesigning understands your language and need of the hour.

Messages that convey the content quick to the point into their heart!

  • Defning moments from the start.
  • Spell out the need of the hour.
  • Arresting content that conveys.
  • Designs that is spellbound.
  • Revenue generation center.
  • Interactive with the customers.
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Website Development

Website Design Package

We understand the language of business and design packages that are intuitive and directly incorporates call to action funtcitons in the copy itself!  Embed the power of suggestion and natural selection in your site.

  • Clear Vision Statement.
  • Appropriate Technology.
  • Instilling confidence.
  • Pleasing Colors & Design.
  • Interacting Platforms.
  • Dependable Support.

Different needs demands different Packages

Analytics Package for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a specialized activity that fetches results in terms of increasing the number of visitors to your site. Getting the visitors to your site is the first step and keeping them interested in your content is quite another! We can help you in your quest.

Get a quote» Starts from, ₹5000

Building a Subscriber Base

We encourage you to build your subscriber base systematically because the edifice of the business is built on the subscriber base. Converting becomes far easier once it is founded. We can help you in this segment with our expertise in creating interactive platform.


Get a quote» Starts from, ₹5000


Website Migration & Redesigning

Have you ever wondered why nothing is happening from your existing site? Does it address the modern issues the customer faces?  Does it help you sell better to your target audience?  If not, it is better to do some serious rethinking.

Get a quote» Starts from, ₹25000

Building an Online Campaign

At Pandesigning we believe, Technology must support SMEs and Medium businesses in every little way possible.  It is not something to admire and leave fearing the cost involved in designing a system based on the latest Techonology.

Get a quote» Starts from, ₹5000

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