Billing Software Cloud-based

There are many billing software suites that work both from the desktop and as cloud-based platforms. Regardless of the internet connectivity, desktop apps work whereas for the cloud-based software to work there is an inherent need for network connectivity. With the advent of mobile apps and progressive web applications PWA, we have a plethora of options to choose from. Let us take a deeper look into the billing software.

Billing Software integration with modern technology

Paying bills by scanning QR codes is faster and easier

The beginning of Billing Software

Just a few decades ago before the advent of GUI, (GUI is graphical user interface) computers’ billing software used the DOS prompt, Visual FoxPro, and hosts of other applications. The main aspect of every one of these applications was the screen- that looked black or blue, the screen of death. In addition, the Windows introduction had not yet happened.  Since running the commands from the DOS prompt was not easy for a general user, GUI evolved because of which, user-friendliness became the most important aspect of software development.

Billing Software prompts

Java Code Screenshot

Windows 95 and its aftermath

After Windows 3.1x, the first of this amazing windows suite entered the market. It made a great breakthrough in many areas. The computer user went on a roller coaster ride using the GUI interface. There was no looking look back! I can never forget the excitement of using the Windows 95 software suite and its offerings like Excel, Access, Outlook, and OneNote.

Windows 95 Icon

The amazing icon of Windows 95

Billing Software growth

The spread of software applications became widespread and other applications too were becoming phenomenally successful.  Furthermore, the tedium of maintaining the calculations and statistics in traditional ledgers and bookkeeping activities too was becoming easier. That is mainly because of thanks to the Accounting Software Suites like Tally and TCS Ex Next Generation. In addition, there is so much billings software available in the market due to the efforts of software application providers, notably Nova Software.

Cloud-based Suite

EasyAccountax is cost-effective software that runs on the desktop as well as a cloud-based application. It is amazingly economical to buy and use. Moreover, once you start using it regularly, you are sure to continue with it. Using EasyAccountax, create easy invoices and file your tax returns without any hassles. You could get financial reports at your fingertips and manage your assets, bills, expenses, payroll accounting. Finally, white-label solutions too are available.  Contact us to know more. Thank you for reading this post. Remember to post your comments without fail.

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