Evolution of websites is the topic of interest for our discussion today especially when emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the center stage now. As a matter of fact, Mobiles and Tablets have taken a stranglehold of the user’s attention over desktops/laptops.  Actually this topic is so vast, that it would take more than 3 blog posts to do justice to this subject.

Day to day usage of Laptops

Desktops and laptops in our lives…

The rise of mobiles and tablets

When Sony, Ericson and Nokia were the leaders in mobile phones in the earlier years especially in the late 80s, Nokia’s slogan was,

Nokia, connecting people…

Those phones had keypad operation much like the scrolling operations of the remote devices of today. Technology was swiftly changing those days and enter Android phones.  Android is a new type of technology based on open-source software.  These mobile operating systems based on the Linux kernel power the touchscreen in smartphones and tablets. This feature was so powerful that those who did not adopt themselves for embracing this technology were out of business sooner than anyone expected!

Identifying latest trends

One of the hallmarks of greatness is identifying new ways of doing things. It is not easy to understand this phenomenon. What looks like an innocuous innovation or novelty soon takes over the conventional methods of doing something. Big giants like Nokia and Ericson paid a heavy price for not adapting to the emerging technology soon enough.

Mobile Revolution

We know very well the way mobiles have invaded our lives. These statistics tell us many milestones achieved in the mobile introduction. It is enough if we keep our eyes and ears open and observe in the society to understand the extent to which it has penetrated everyone’s life. In India, even the roadside hawkers accept payment using Google Pay or Paytm, the digital wallet platform, and the mobile payment gateways.

Close-up view of businessman using Google Pay paying for public transport

Google Pay in use for public transport

Artificial Intelligence AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is simply the method by which computers with specific software analyze the environment using predetermined rules or patterns. Then based on these analyses, makes decisions to do something or not do something with an autonomy of varying degrees. AI is a method to reduce manual human intervention in a wide range of functions.

Robot playing a game of chess

Robot playing a game of chess

Four Types of AI

The four subtypes of Artificial Intelligence are Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of mind, and Self-awareness. An example of Reactive Machines is the IBM developed chess Engine named Deep Blue which plays chess against humans. But it cannot store in its memory the knowledge it gained by playing different players!
The second type is Limited memory AI which retains some information and builds on the memory with programmed data.  Some examples of this type of AI are self-driving cars and robots that perform certain actions. Thirdly the theory of mind AI is evolving (example being Sophia designed by Hanson Robotics and finally the fourth type of AI which is Self-awareness. This AI is still in scientific fiction type that does not exist!

Evolution of Websites

Although this development offers many advantages, nothing would reduce the importance or usefulness of a website. Even though you may be able to accomplish everything from your mobile phone such as checking, sending, and receiving emails, placing orders in eCommerce sites, and making payments using mobile wallets, you would still need a website that provides numerous benefits over mobile apps.

The power of a website is enormous if used appropriately for your needs like image building, selling goods and services, accepting payments, and interacting with the customers. Nothing would replace it and in fact, every new additional technological improvement is an offshoot of a web design technology.

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