Welcome small business owners

The time you spend here is well worth its weight in gold because, you get empowerment with simple actionable tools to increase revenue for your business. John Stuart Mill, the great political economist had a wonderful observation for small businessmen,

 Small businesses are the salt of earth because without them human life is a stagnant pool. Not only it is they who introduce good things which did not before exist, it is actually them who keep the life in those which already existed!

The strategy for current times

We are seeing one of the worst case scenario now, right? The business is at the rock bottom because of this horrible Corona Virus induced lock downs and closures. As a result, the people are not venturing out and hardly any business transactions take place. So if your business is suffering because of these restrictions imposed, what is the alternative source of getting business?

You are important, your services are priceless!

Small business is the salt of earth because you only introduce goods and services that did not exist before. Actually it is for people’s benefit since it creates economic surplus, jobs and revenue from these enterprises. Therefore, we want to wish you all the very best and are happy to offer a viable solution that will increase your income.

Increase- The size of the market or volume of goods?

There are different ways to increase revenue from business. For example, you can increase the market size by spreading out to different places thereby increasing your customer base. Or you can increase the number of customers within your existing market. Even by increasing your number of products or services, you can increase your volume of business.

Timeline vs Production Capacity

Supposing you have the capacity to produce higher volume of whatever goods you specialize in, irrespective of the timeline, then spreading the market wide makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, if your production capacity is limited to time-frame, then, you can not at a time supply a large volume when in fact, you may not have the goods to deliver.

Cardboard boxes and red down arrow. Fall in sales and production of goods

Cardboard boxes and red down arrow. Fall in sales and production of goods

Inventory accumulation

Let us face the most likely scenario now due to pandemic. You have goods but there are no takers or customers. Too often this is the case study everywhere today.  The goods are there but no takers! So what is the solution?

Enter Online Sales

Contrary to popular belief,online selling is not at all complicated. You do not have to invest huge sum of money for portals, payment gateways and apps. All you have to do is to go for a simple one page website, have your products listed beautifully with their prices clearly marked.  Furthermore, be ready to supply the online orders and receive the payments online directly into your bank account!

It is very simple. For a low cost of investment, you can utilize this facility by going for a simple solution. Just go for it!  Go ahead and fill up the simple form below and regain your lost customers and go for new ones!

Thank you for spending time to read up to this. it is worth it right?

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