The road ahead for SMEs

The times are changing and the only thing that is constant is change, right? Yet how many are us adapting to change quickly as it happens? Truth is, each one of us resist change in some ways. Some to a large extent and some to a small extent. But embracing change as it happens or even predicting it and bracing oneself for the change is certainly the proactive way.

Need for redefining your business

If a business must survive, it must be satisfy some basic conditions such as:

  • It must address a present need
  • Must be easy to access both online and offline
  • Provide value for money

Small business is beautiful

Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude – Zig Zagler

Small business has to reckon with covid-19

The word hope written in the sand on the beach at sunset

Adjust your attitude

Obstacles are opportunities!

Remember, it is not opportunism but fulfilling a need in the community when you align your business with the pressing need of the situation. Not all the businesses faced shut down due to covid-19. On the contrary, startups, small hotels, food delivery chain and others who delivered the package to the people in their homes did well during these difficult times.

Types of Small business

There are many types of small businesses such as Health Care and Social Assistance, Real Estate, Cafes, Pets Shops and accessories, Online stores selling secondhand goods, Website Development and Web Design Services, Trainers and Fitness Coaching, Yoga and Meditation facilitators, Arts and Crafts, and Food Services. However, the small business owners need to stay focused during challenging times and keep functioning with determination to succeed.

Successful Business Leader’s Views on Small Business

According to Warren Buffet, business must think about delighting the customers, not just satisfying them! Michael R Bloomberg says there is no substitute for hard-work. Furthermore, he says the founder of the business must work on everything from serving your employees to even cleaning the premises in order to make a clean conducive atmosphere for work! That means no job is menial or low, every job is important!

You may start on one job only to find that leads you to another area of work! No problems, learn to accept the need for that and prepare yourself to do it with equal enthusiasm because that works better! Any skill can be learned or taught but passion must be inherent in every step of developing the end product or service.

To sum up, all the leaders agree on the following:

  • Thinking about the business
  • Focus on the job
  • Being level-headed  with the feet on the ground
  • Offering solutions that adds value
  • Produce what the customers need
The need of the hour for small business

As a small business owner, you have to be smart in using Technology to your advantage. Actually, there are many simple web and mobile apps that can help you reach out to more customers, collect payment from them directly into your bank account. There are safe methods of integrating all these activities so that the entire selling process is one smooth flow!

 Be your own boss

By staying updated with Technological development and Updates, you are in a better position to make strategic decisions for your small enterprise. Such a Decision Support System – DSS will strengthen your position in the market, make you more confident of your abilities and  will help your business to grow even amidst difficult environment in the community.


Remember Typewriters?



There were Institutes that offered typing classes to students who could get a job as a typist after completing the course. Shorthand was another Add-on course, that was available which the student had to optionally chose to complete.  Shorthand helped the Stenographers-prospects to quickly take the dictation on their notepads, (the real notepads!). Using Pittman’s Shorthand strokes, the Stenos used to take their boss dictation. After that, sitting in front of their typewriter, they will get it all on the paper.

But now do you think anyone will go for opening a Typewriting Institute to teach children to learn typing?

Why? or Why not?

The fact of the matter is just as the Computers have changed whole gamut of typing, Voice Recognition Software have changed the Stenographers role!

Take advantage of the present situation and make your move meaningfully to grow your small business. Know the specifics of how to increase the customer base or sales of your products and services. Additionally, do not hesitate to get in touch by expressing your ideas in the comments section. Or just opt for the newsletter to learn more. Thanks for your time and stay safe.






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