HRMS software is really not expensive as one would believe. True it was so earlier when many ERP variants and solutions were available that were beyond the reach of SMEs.  Furthermore, people think that HRMS software is very difficult to maintain with its myriad interfaces and consoles. No not at all!

Check out the features of our HRMS software now. Easily manage your employees’ pay, attendance and leave positions easily with this amazingly affordable cloud software that you can carry in your pocket.! Yes in your mobile besides your laptop or desktop in your office.

The simple interface

HRMS Dashboard

The Dashboard of HRMS

You will see Companies, Employees, Attendance, Holidays, Permission, Letter Template, Reminders, and Reports. Each tab takes you into a simple page where you can easily key in the data of your company, employees, and their details. Actually, this does not require a computer engineer or designer. One of the staff with basic IQ can easily do that! Similarly, all the tabs are so easy to understand it is just a cakewalk!

Same way, you can easily maintain the records of your staff departments, designations, shift, grade, education, blood group, and even their IT form 12 A.! Additionally, you can maintain their salary heads, reimbursement, generate payroll, salary list,  and Form 16.

The need of the hour

Computers and the internet have made our lives easier compared to yesteryears. With the Work From Home WFH scenario everywhere, SMEs need proper reliable software and systems to run their business efficiently. Manage your staff and inventories effortlessly using this amazingly affordable Cloud software. Check out the pricing which is a real surprising package!

Pricing Options


When you go for accounting software which also takes care of your HRMS besides CRM, wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised? Go for it now!
If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to call or mail me. Thank you for your time. Be safe and take care.

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