The Doctor’s Dilemma

The doctor’s dilemma is a play by the great Bernard Shaw that was also successful as a movie. It dealt with the conflict of interest, (rings a bell?) between its role as vocation viz a viz its commercial aspects in the life of a medical practitioner.  In today’s context, the dilemma shifts its focus from vocation vs business to time management vs patient management.

doctor's image

Lady doctor in white coat looking at camera

One day in the life of a doctor

The doctor’s time is precious just as yours and mine. They have to manage their time, patients and family. It is not easy to say the least. The voluminous records that accumulate in a short while for a  busy medical practitioner is just mind-boggling!  As a matter of fact, using a dedicated website, it is quite simple to manage the complexities of the patient’s data such as medical records, diagnosis and past medical history.

The way to go forward

The best way is to go for a website with simple functionalities like appointment bookings and electronic health records(EHR) and manage everything from your hand-held devices such as mobiles or tablets. Even if you are stuck in the traffic, you can call the patient and inform if there is a delay. Yes, the phone number is available from the medical record, even if you have not saved! Its one of its myriad features! Everything is literally in your finger tips!

The demographic shift of the clientele

Typical doctor's clinic

Millennials being treated…

Marketing today must take into account the changing face of the customers’ preference and style. The millennials today check out the doctor’s credentials using their phones and they often fix a appointment using an app like Practo or other healthcare apps. So if you are not using these modern channels of communication, then it is possible you may miss out on a majority the younger generation of patients in the age group of 19 to 31 years.

Be doctor’s own Discovery Channel!

Earlier one went around looking for customers. But now, being available to search by the customers is the key!  Remember, you have to address this shift in the mind set of the customers. Therefore, rather than thrusting your own marketing ideas however modern it may look, go for a website. You would be surely acquiring new customers. Go ahead and showcase your services and credentials with ease and elan!

Strategy for Physicians and GPs

Contrary to common perception, a website today is not at all expensive but well worth the investment. Remember technology must work for us. Therefore, go for a web designer who understands the medical profession and its inherent nature and nuance. Work with your web designer who cooperates with you and evolves as your trusted partner in progress and fulfills your expectations.

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