Cloud-based Patient Management

If you are a doctor with a small nursing home or clinic, you are certainly on the right page to check out the patient management software. It is heartening to note that you have taken the trouble to check out the diverse options available. Being a professional, you are in no mood to waste time trying the free software which is never free as there is always a catch somewhere. It does work but with limited functionality. So how do you save time in searching for the right software?

Electronic Medical Records in fingertips?

Doctor checking the electronic medical records of a patient.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMR makes a doctor’s life a lot easier. It is common to see many clinics and even hospitals maintaining a fat ledger wherein the staff keeps writing the details like phone numbers, addresses, and other details. It is repetitive and time-consuming. Moreover, these records can never be seen or retrieved for any emergency.

Simple Integration of captured data into Patient Records

All you must do is to leave the instruction with your front office to take the details of patients as they wait for their turn in your clinic. Details like their height and weight (The BMI appears magically when the data feeds into the system!), temperature, oxygen saturation, name, dob, address, phone number, and email id. Yes, the last detail is necessary because it will make your life and your patient’s life simple as you will soon see.

The one-time capture of data

Remember, the data capture happens only once which is a blessing for the patients. Because they need not remember the date of their last visit or the medication in their prescription. It is annoying to repeat addresses every time you come to the clinic, right?  It is a clever idea to take a photo as well using the web camera so that their ID card is complete with their details!

Technology at your service

Once the data is on your laptop or desktop at the front office, it swiftly transforms itself into meaningful data. The BMI is the inferred data from their weight, height, and age.  Furthermore, the data blends into actionable decisions. For example, a high BMI would indicate a course of an event even before you see your patients!

Vaccination record card, mask and syringe on blue background

You can easily browse the captured data that gets converted into the patient medical record. So that you can view it on your Tablet or Mobile phone even before the patient enters your examining room! As you elucidate the information skilfully about their presenting symptoms, you could easily input your diagnosis and prescription into your Tab and save it.  The patient record gets created that always stays in the cloud platform accessible on your phone or laptop.

The Key Benefits

The cloud-based Electronic Medical Records Software offers lots of benefits at affordable cost.

  • EMR empowers clinicians to provide superior care to patients.
  • Sharing of patient info easier now with multiple providers of healthcare.
  • Access your patient’s information anywhere even in remote areas.
  • This is mutually beneficial to both doctors and patients.
  • This automatic process is a blessing for individuals as well as physicians.
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