Who creates a Will?

Everyone thinks Will writing is a difficult and tedious process done only by profoundly serious-looking legal professionals in black coats!  Not really!  In addition, it is quite possible that people may believe that one needs to be extraordinarily rich with millions in cash, property, estates, and what have you, to be eligible to write a Will!  As for me, ​​I used to think that Will is something only seen in movies or read in books! Not anymore! ​​

Remember, ​in good old movies, the old man will be on his deathbed surrounded by near and dear. Furthermore, the arrival of the lawyer indicates that there is a Will that will be read aloud! Then, the property will be split between the sons and daughters and so on. Also, usually, there may be a villain lurking in the corner!

Well, let us find out just exactly what is a Will and how easy it is to get one!

Will document examining

Businessman or attorney with magnifying glass reading documents

The need for a Will

A Will is nothing but a legal document. It considers your wishes as for as the distribution of the property is concerned.  Not only that, but also your property, assets, and belongings which may have to extend to caring for your minor children. Today everyone is busy with their own work and have little time left for other activities.

As a result of this attitude, there are diverse types amongst us like fitness enthusiasts, people who go to the gym or engage in outdoor activities or engage in some sports & recreation activities. Everyone manages their time well and plans to do things that interest them. But as we go about making our plans and implement them, life happens on its own! It is apt to recollect here, what John Lennon, the legendary Beatles singer quoted,” Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”!

Property is not only for the rich

Property exists in myriad forms and it is not necessary for you to be rich to opt for a Will. In fact, you can have investments in Mutual Funds, Gold, Securities, and Bonds apart from real estate and other types of investments. Furthermore, your investments and legal documents make it mandatory to declare the nominees for your investments. In short, it is not enough just to declare your nominees and leave it at that!

It is a free service!

Everyone needs to create a Will and have it safely so that there are no issues later. So here is the method to create a Will for you in three simple steps!  

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