The impact of modern mobile usage

Mobile usage
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Everyone these days use phones to check their emails and comment on social media. Not to mention making e-commerce purchases, making banking transactions like payments and remittances. Furthermore, even shopping for groceries and vegetables from home!  Under the circumstances, the question arises about the future of web designing.

Websites Usage

Does anyone really require a website? If yes, what is the purpose?

Let us look at this question more deeply because web design is intricately connected to mobile usage. We all know that web designing has to be responsive in order to load on the phones. When mobile usage has overtaken the PC or Laptop usage, it becomes necessary to question the relevance of websites especially today when the millennials no longer favor using a PC.

How many of us browse the net using a laptop?

Statistics will reveal more than 50% of e-commerce happens through mobile devices. That being the case, it is becoming rare for a person to login to a laptop and place an order in an e-commerce site. Nevertheless, we have to reckon about the usage of a website.

Is e-commerce the be-all and end-all?

Even today, it is important to have a website because, only through a dedicated website anyone can gather information about a school, doctor, hospital or any service that he or she may have an interest in. Although browsing shopping sites from their mobiles is the norm for millennials, yet they have to rely on their laptops for more serious pastimes than shopping!

The sky is the limit for Webdesign

The website is the source from where secondary platforms and apps have developed over a period of time. The popularity of the Apps in mobile usage can not bring down the importance of the websites although apparently it may look so. The reader is well advised to read more about the role of Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps.

Summarising we can safely say, web designing is not hanging by the thread, but rooted in the grand designs for the future.

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