The impact of mobile usage

Mobile usage in children is alarmingly widespread. While it is beneficial in certain ways like improved communication with their parents, it also brings safety issues in browsing. Therefore, enforcing parental control and safe-for-kids surfing filters for the browsers plays a vital role. Take steps in blocking adult sites and unwanted, unsafe sites from their access.

Social Media

Impact of mobile

There are hosts of messaging apps using which users can easily send text and images, sharing them between selective groups and so on.  In addition, it enables chatting and sharing videos and voice messages. Broadly it encompasses websites and applications allowing people to easily share content in real-time efficiently.

Smart Phones of today

The phones that are available today would put some of the personal computers introduced earlier to shame! Take, for example, storage and ROM. Of late, Storage and ROM have touched the limit of 6GB + 64GB / 6GB + 128GB / 8GB + 128GB combinations plus camera features and hosts of other specifications.

So, the entire world is in your pocket as a result of which, you can surf, book tickets, order food, navigate using the google maps and of course, call your contacts!

Side effects of excessive usage

There have been many studies by various specialties about students who spend several hours every day using their phones. Also, It has been reported that their sleeping pattern has been affected due to the impact of mobile usage.  In addition, students stay very late to use their mobiles in privacy away from the prying probing eyes of their parents.

The plausible issues due to excessive usage of mobiles
  1. Lack of interest in academic activities
  2. Poor concentration
  3. Vision problems
  4. Depressive symptoms

There are many more issues and if you are interested you can read the article what is altered childhood?

Summarizing, we can say it is important that parents must take an active interest in monitoring their children’s phones if provided in a friendly way and guide them. Spending quality time with them is always better than anything else. Getting them interested in learning a new skill using their phone is a good idea.

Constructive Use of Mobile phones

If you have teenage children, help them learn simple apps and you can learn from them. Mobile apps and many learning apps are available for download. Learn together and have fun!

Please don’t hesitate to comment below your views and thanks for reading this through. Good luck and be safe by staying indoors to avoid the COVID-19 spread.


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