The mobile phones have hijacked the majority of netizens into their fold and looking far more hungry than ever before! Marketing has to take into account this shift from PC to mobile. Since it has certain consequences for the Webdesign industry. The question pertinent here is whether the mobile has totally replaced the desktop usage of people?

Relevance of Websites

Statistics clearly indicate that a staggering 70% of internet users browse from their mobile phones rather than on a PC or Laptop.  In addition, they browse their favorite sites from their mobiles for making an online purchase or answer an email.

That means even if the device changes, the object remains the same-the websites! It naturally follows that your website should load quickly in the mobile for you to make an impression in your visitors’ perception.

Responsiveness of Websites

It goes without saying that your website needs to be responsive. Besides, it has to load in mobiles and android devices as quickly as it is possible. Naturally, you will lose customers if your site is slow to load as nobody has time to bother about slow-loading sites. Be quick is the latest survival technique!

marketing war?

Websites are the backbone of Marketing

Remember, even now, customers have to come to your websites to make a purchase. Apart from gathering information about your products or services, address, and phone numbers. Even now, marketing relies on websites now more than ever at any other time!

Designing at its best

To sum up, we have to use the web in a smart way to take advantage of the trend and mindset of people. Move quickly into the mobile platform and make your presence count. Get in touch with us if you have any requirements for your marketing thrust!

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